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What makes the Insider Weekly newsletter service so much better than any other newsletter service is that you get access to essential macro themes that the mainstream media will not talk about.

Insider Weekly is always multiple steps ahead of big governments and out-of-control central banks. This always creates asymmetric upside trades that investors like you can take advantage of.

Also, the Capitalist Exploits team behind Insider Weekly put their money where their mouth is.

You get access to the picks and the portfolios and can invest alongside the analysts and hedge fund managers looking to protect their capital and profit during these extraordinary times and long into the future.

There's no better way to invest than to surround yourself with fantastic macro investors, who align with your perspective of the world and have fabulous track records.

This isn't some cheap, Motley Fool stock-picking newsletter. No, the Insider Weekly subscription gives you direct access to the minds of macro analyst and hedge fund manager Chris MacIntosh, and head trader Brad McFadden.

From professional money managers whose only objective is investing for 3x – 100x + returns, with minimal risk, in the years ahead. You get all their research, and guidance on how to position your capital so it grows.

I signed up a few months ago and this service is gold!

— Eli G.


How Capitalist Exploits Helps You Profit

capitalit exploits stock portfolio


Over a dozen themes or sectors we are investing into, with a basket of individual stocks / assets for each. We are buying for cents on the dollar with the aim of selling each for min. 300% returns.

Q&A Sessions

Put forward your questions about investing – whether about the Insider program or your activities outside of the subscription. Our professional money managers will answer via live Q&A

capitalist exploits ongoing education

Ongoing Guidance

We tell you what we’re doing with our money via trade alerts, and share new investment ideas as and when they pass our due diligence, and we decide to invest.

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Weekly Newsletter

Each week you’ll be receiving Insider Weekly, which provides ongoing analysis and commentary about world events, trends and the Insider portfolio

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service within 30 days of purchase.

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Learn our reliable, long term wealth building investment strategy. We teach you how to identify and execute asymmetric risk/reward investments, regardless of sector, asset class, jurisdiction or investment vehicle.

capitalist exploits community

Community Forum

Chat with your fellow Insider members live in our private forum, where members discuss the trades, help each other out, and organise in-person meetups throughout the world.

Peace Of Mind

Given our team invests their own money into every idea we recommend, you can rest assured that our incentives are 100% aligned


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"CapEx is a truly rare service that gives you superbly-researched contrarian investment ideas with asymmetrical risk payoff potential that you will simply not find anywhere else. Chris MacIntosh and his team are true pros. They also share a wealth of professional knowledge on trade execution and risk management tradecraft. I love it, not least of all because it has made me money while helping me sleep at night with wise risk management. Well worth the reasonable price."

- Tim HK

"Five years of good service and profitable wisdom. For about 5 years now I have been reading Capitalist Exploits every week, and now I subscribe to Insider as well. I’ve met Chris, Brad, and Miha in person. They are the real deal. Experts and gentlemen to boot. They have made me a lot of money and taught me new skills and interests. Good value here."

- Randall T.

"The only newsletter that actually makes me money. I have subscribed to various newsletters over the years and while some of them were at least interesting to read, almost all of them came up short in terms of making me money which is kind of the whole point of them. Capitalist Exploits is one such exception."

- Winston W.

Capitalist Exploits Leadership

The capitalist Exploits team is comprised of professional money managers who have decades of trading, investing, and entrepreneurship under their belts.

Chris MacIntosh Capitalist Exploits

Chris MacIntosh

Founder, Insider

After working for many top-tier investment banks, Chris left the corporate world and has since built and sold multiple million-dollar businesses, built a VC firm allocating $35m into early-stage ventures, been a full-time trader, and manages money full time.

Brad McFadden Capitalist Exploits

Bradd McFadden

Lead Trader, Insider

After managing high net worth private client funds at Henry Ansbacher, and a proprietary trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa & Australia, Brad specializes in execution of the asymmetric opportunities delivered via Insider.

What Capitalist Exploits Members Are Saying

“Capitalist Exploits is seriously just great service and community. You get WAY more bang for your buck than any other investment research service. Weekly letters, monthly webinars, boatloads of ideas, education, humor, entertainment, and a great community to interact with online.

If you are paying $2,000 to $4,000 a year for a newsletter that posts once MAYBE twice a month you are getting scammed IMO, Capitalist Exploits is NOT that kind of service. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Chris & Crew." 

– Josiah R.

“Worth 50-100x the Cost. Easy. Great material. I love it. The research coincides with my own investing style and when there’s an overlap I put down 2-3x what I would.

This is the kind of research you want to be paying for year after year for decades because it introduces you to new things. Great for people with no time to be fully exposed to everything going on out there.

It took me 45-50 days to make back my investment in the course in profit on positions."

– Brian H

Capitalist Exploits is a fantastic research resource. Well researched, thought out, and presented thematic investment ideas with actionable trade recommendations. Add that to an incredibly entertaining writing style and you have a publication I look forward to every day. Bottom line they have made me a lot of $.

– Elizabeth D.

I’ve been an investor for over 20 years. Subscribed to a few investment newsletters over that time. This is by far the best service I’ve come across. The research is thorough, well thought out and presented in a clear way. This is not for those looking to get rich quickly. This is for those looking to get in before the crowd. Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” The same principle applies to investing. You will not be disappointed.

– Gary

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"I am happy I found Capitalist Exploits! I am a professional investor with many years of experience, but I am still learning A LOT by reading Chris’s posts and listening to his webcasts. Very honest approach. Intellectually sound. No annoying marketing that plagues so many other “investment letter” providers from the US." Thank you!

- LG

"My top newsletter. Top asymmetric trades with huge upsides, low downside and help bulletproof your portfolio. Not for get rich quickers, this takes time and study. The team at Capitalist Exploits is the best in the business and truly care about their subscribers."

- John

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